About Nutritional Coaching

Welcome to our Nutritional Coaching services, where we believe that achieving optimal health goes hand in hand with a balanced and personalised approach to nutrition.

Services we offer

Our Nutrition Coaches are dedicated to empowering you with the knowledge and guidance needed to make informed choices that align with your wellness goals.

Weight Loss

  • Tailored nutrition plans designed to support sustainable and healthy weight loss.
  • Guidance on portion control, mindful eating, and effective dietary choices to achieve your desired weight.
  • Personalised macronutrient targets if necessary

Weight Gain

  • Customized nutrition strategies to facilitate healthy and gradual weight gain.
  • Emphasis on nutrient-dense foods to ensure the development of lean muscle mass.

Performance Nutrition

  • Specialized plans to fuel your body for optimal athletic performance.
  • Timing and composition of meals designed to enhance energy levels, endurance, and recovery.

How we work

Initial Consultation:

  • We’ll start by having a friendly chat about your current eating habits, what foods you enjoy, and your unique nutritional needs.
  • Share your goals, and let’s discuss how we can tailor our approach to make nutrition work seamlessly for you.
  • Through this analysis of your current dietary habits, preferences, and nutritional needs the coach will then develop your individualized nutrition plan, that is tailored to your unique requirements.

Ongoing Support:

  • Once you have received your plan, you and your coach will discuss when you are able to have check-ins to monitor progress and make necessary adjustments to your plan, to reach your goals.